C (2016):  A series of magnified and re-printed sun print impressions exploring blue as a pigment, primary color, and illusion of space. 44"X44" digital print on matte paper.

Storm Shapes (2014): A series of work on paper recording the polar vortex in Austin in 2014, a highly atypical pattern of ice storms that ended the city’s record-breaking drought. Heavy-duty watercolor paper was placed outside during the course of individual rain storms, laced with sediment, salts, and inks. The materials froze and flowed variably, recording the course and duration of each storm as it interacted with the city's topography. The paper becomes the delicate interface between the ground and the sky, taking a form influenced from above and below and guided by its own inherent form.

Sediment (2012-2014): In this body of work, I used drawing to trace my path across the American Southwest, working on film sets across Texas and Louisiana in my early 20s. I aged paper in the soil, rain, and other natural pigments of towns as I traveled, layering drawing and weathering processes to create deep, topographically resonant fantasy landscapes.